Snorkelling at Thulusdhoo

Snorkel around the Island or on the outer reefs. Warm crystal waters all year round.

Dining at Thulusdhoo

Sit on the balcony and have your meals while enjoying the beautiful view.

Surfing in Thulusdhoo

Cola`s, cokes, chickens. One of the best surfing locations in the maldives.

Fishing in Thulusdhoo

Day and night fishing. Serious fishing or just great fun. Boat crew are there to help.

Thulusdhoo Guest House

Island Life Maldives Thulusdhoo Guest House is located with beach front viewing of the two surf points, Cokes surf break and Chicken’s surf break. We have 12 rooms in the house with A/C, mini fridge, hot water in suit and towels provided.

“Surf season (April to end of October) and non surf season (November to end of March).”

Island life Thulusdhoo surf camp

  • Single room US$107 per head, full Board, plus US$18 Tax.
  • Twin share room US$93 per head, full board, plus US$17 Tax.
  • Triple share room US$79 per head, full board, plus US$16 Tax.
  • Bed only US$47 per head plus US$13 Tax. (there is a local cafe in the island where you can get different types of food).
  • If you are alone and you want to pay a triple or double room price, you can share a room.
  • Non surfer can do site seeing, snorkeling, fishing and visiting nearby islands.
  • Surf transfer to chickens (2hours session) = $10
    Surf transfers to other north male atoll points (2hours session) = $25
    Night fishing : $30.

Enquire for more details

Transport fees and options

How do i get to Thulusdhoo ?

  • The local ferry is $6 for a round trip ticket. The ferry leaves Male` for Thulusdhoo at 16:00PM and it leaves Thulusdhoo for Male` at 7:30AM. ( Sataurday, Sunday, Monday, wednesday and Thursday )
    Ferry is not available on Tuesday. But the government ferry is available and the ferry leaves Thulusdhoo at 7:30am and leaves Male’ at 14:30pm from Villingilli jetty.
    Friday ferry leaves Thulusdhoo for Male` at 14:30PM and leaves Male` for Thulusdhoo at 22:30PM.
    Its always a cheap transfer if your flight arrives or leaves on these days, if not, you will have to take speed boat, or spend a night in Male`.
  • The speed boat : It’s a speed boat from Thulusdhoo.
    For one person : $200 one way
    For two persons : $100 one way per person
    For three persons : $70 one way per person
    The price depends on the booking, and how many clients there is for the day.
    There is a special rate of $60 one way per person if the boat is full.

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ISLAND LIFE MALDIVES GUEST HOUSE THULUSDHOO offers the unique opportunity to experience the wonders of the Maldives at budget rates. Enjoy affordable holidays with the experience of traditional Island lifestyle. Mix this with the wonders of the natural surrounding beauty and the fun filled activities of snorkelling, fishing and surfing. The cafe is located upstairs with a stunning view of the ocean. All meals are served upstairs in the covered open air terrace. 8 rooms, all air-conditioned , private bathrooms.

… Please go to our Contact Us page and ask as many questions as you like before you make your booking with us. We are very happy to assist you in any way …

… We supply all bed sheets, linen and pillows. You must remember to bring your camera, a hat, sun tan oil and perhaps a beach towel. You could also bring your favourite snorkelling gear if you wish but we do have these at the guest house for your use …